Know When To Buy To Get The Best Prices



As a teen, every dollar counts.  First make sure you really need an item before you buy it.  If you do, decide if you need it immediately or can you buy it later?  If you have flexibility regarding when you purchase it, you might be able to save a great deal of money (opportunistic buying) at a different time.  If you are shopping for some of the items below, see when you might find a good deal.


Buying In Season

Some items are cheaper to buy in season.  Blueberries are cheaper to buy in the summer than the winter. Buying a bathing suit or sunscreen in the winter in a cold weather climate will be more expensive than if you wait to go to your warm weather destination and buy it there.


Buying Out Of Season

If you wait for the end of the ski season to buy skis, snowboard or a winter coat, a “seasonal item” it will be cheaper.  The same is true for summer sporting goods at the end of the season.


Best Time to Get Great Prices on Items

  • Bikes and Outdoor Gear:  Best Time is January.  Stores start bringing in new merchandise in February and March.  They try to move their older merchandise out in January to make room for the new merchandise.
  • Cars:  End of Model Year.  This can be the end of the summer through the fall for most car companies and you can get great deals on last year’s models.  End of the Month, is also a good time to get a deal because some dealers will need to make their monthly quotas and might need to sell just a few more cars to do that.  Also look for manufacturer’s rebates and incentives and during the month of December when car sales are slow.
  • Computers:  If you are shopping for a cheaper, slightly older technology, then July and August is when you can save the most money, before the new technology comes out.  Follow the release schedule for chipmakers such as Advanced Micro Devices and Intel.  They’ll offer some clues about when computer manufacturers will offer updates and re-designs.  Also during the middle to end of the summer there are lots of back-to-school sales.
  • Furniture:  Best time to buy is January and July when stores are trying to clean out their inventory for new merchandise.
  • Jewelry:  Avoid the holidays, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.
  • Toys:  Pre-Christmas, October and November.  Many stores offer special deals.  Also after Christmas in January is another great time to buy.
  • Apparel:  This is a no-brainer, at the end of each season, when sales are plentiful.