Department Stores

Like Macy’s, Lord & Taylor or Bloomingdale’s.  Some communities still have local department stores, but most are either regional or part of a national chain.  Department stores provide lots of variety. You can try things on, browse and see lots of different types of merchandise all under one roof.  You can shop with your friends and you can find something for everyone.  You will find more upscale trendy merchandise at premium prices. They will be more expensive than discount or outlet stores. These stores sell apparel, accessories, cosmetics, shoes. Some also sell items for the kitchen, domestics (things that go on your table or bed) and sometimes luggage.  If possible, wait until an item goes on sale. These stores have great sales. There are also more moderate-priced department stores like JC Penny, Sears (which also carries hardware), and Kohl’s ( a hybrid with merchandise priced lower than a department store and higher than a discount store).  Department stores are primarily in malls, or free standing in your downtown area.