Review Sites

Review sites can be broken up into two categories, expert sites and consumer sites.  The best way to research an item is to combine both of these two types of sites:  Go to the expert sites and compile a list of the best products and then go to the consumer sites to see what real people think about them.
  • Expert Sites:  Sure, ask a friend about an item if they have firsthand knowledge.  But you might want a second opinion.  Active Buyers Guide is a site that can help you determine your needs:  A second research site is Consumer Search, which pulls reviews from multiple publications:  If you want a specific product like a digital camera, you can go to expert sites within a field, for example, imaging resource or pcworld.
  • Consumer Review Sites:  If you want reviews from the general public, check out sites like: Epinions, or Consumer Review,  Consumer reviews vary widely in quality.  Be careful.  Many products rate high because lots of people buy them—that doesn’t always mean they are the best quality.