Brains & Skills

If you don’t want to flex your muscles and have a good brain and good skills, here are some other options:

  • Computer Geeks Unite:  If you’re a master of the keyboard… that is, the computer kind… then generally there are a lot of jobs available.  Everything from helping companies create or maintain a website, to repairing computers, to less exciting positions such as data entry.  Good computer skills are always prized.  Try to become familiar with the basic programs: Microsoft Word, Excel, and Power Point.  Any additional programs are a plus.  However, be honest—if you only know the basics of a “required” program, let a potential employer know your true ability.   At the same time, if you’re totally proficient, let the employer know that too.
  • Teaching a skill at a camp, school or to an individual person.  This can be anything from teaching computer skills, sport or a musical instrument.