Once our needs are met, options kick in.  You need to prioritize, figure out what’s most important.  How would you prioritize athletic activities or events, music or dance lessons, camp, fun trips?  Then there’s just cool stuff—clothing, CDs, iPod’s, concert tickets.

Make a budget.  How much can you afford to spend?  Do you need everything now, or can you buy something later?  Determine, where can you get the best deal for these items?  See  Shopping Choices - Stores & Catalogs.  Can you swap or sell CDs, computer games, a bike?  If you don’t have enough money, find ways to earn money see Paid Jobs section.  Learn how to save to buy something at a later time by putting small amounts of money aside each week.  Or maybe, you want to save it and buy something really big later on.  Or wait until you really, really want something.