Internships are highly desirable and very competitive temporary positions usually offered during the summer, providing practical experience at a company.  Start your summer internship search early.  Check with your school guidance or employment office and also network (ask your parents, friends, anyone you might know in the field you’re interested in).  Sometimes age is a factor.  For example, many of the larger financial institutions require you to be 18 and pass a security screening before being hired as an intern. Internships are an excellent way to get real experience in a corporation and/or field you’re interested in.  They also look good on your resume since, hopefully, you’ll have gained some skills working in your chosen field.  For the companies, it’s a way to attract qualified future employees.  Both can “test” out one another to see if there might be a good fit.  A successful internship, particularly in college, can lead to a job offer once you graduate.

Similar to internships is the cooperative (co-op) education program.  This program alaternates working and studying.  For more informatioin contact the National Commission for Cooperative Education: