New Cars

See above and know what a car will cost before going to a dealer.  Check the web.  You might find a better deal online or a few hundred miles away.  Use as another source of information.  Here are some particularly good times to buy a car:

  • The end of December, car companies want to finish their year strong; people are buying other things for the holidays and cars might not be on their list; and some dealers need to make their quotas.
  • The end of the summer or early fall when automobile companies introduce their new models can be a great time to buy, since dealers are clearing out their old inventories to make room for the new models.
  • Be on the lookout for factory or dealer incentives and rebates, which can happen at any time.
  • The end of the month can also be a great time to buy a car, since dealers have monthly quotas (the number of cars they need to sell each month).  If a dealer is a little short, they will give you a good deal so they can make his/her monthly quota.
It’s preferable not to have your dealer get a car from another dealer.  But if you do have to do this, make sure you see the car first.  Get the dealer to provide you with the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) for the car at the other dealer so they don’t switch it when your car is delivered.  If you don’t see it first, make sure you can get out of the deal 100% with no penalty if when the car comes in you don’t like it or it is not what you ordered.  Better yet, buy it direct from the other dealer.  However, if your dealer needs to order the car from the manufacturer directly that is O.K.  It should not cost more than the exact same model on their lot.  Make sure you put down no more than $500, and use a credit card to secure the payment.  There should be no additional fee.

Also, you can buy a car online.  After you have decided the type of make, model and features you want, some of the sites mentioned above can be searched for your ideal car.  If you agree on a price with the online dealer, you leave a deposit on your credit card.  Once your vehicle is selected, you arrange for pickup, test drive and pay the balance.