Investment Newsletters

There are some financial newsletters that really do provide valuable information and market perspectives.  The best ones provide insight, an education, explanations and yes, guidance and stock suggestions.  Others are just out there to create a buzz to drive stock up or down mostly for their own gain.  Although I am not endorsing any, here are two for your consideration.

There is one publication, Hulbert Financial Digest that tracks and ranks the results of 180 newsletters.  You can see the performance of newsletters for the last 5-20 years umNewsletters_CampaignHulbert Interactive?siteid=mktw &dist=JSAFimT .  Any newsletter can have a great year, but is it indeed worthy if you have a successful performance over the long term.

One possible general market newsletter is one published by Standard & Poor’s, The Outlook by S&P  It provides general and specific investment ideas and stock recommendations.