Credit Card Tips For Teens

Here are some credit tips for teens that can keep you out of trouble and help you maintain a high credit score. 

  • Don’t take out too many credit cards or loans (the fewer the better)

  • Make your payments on time

  • Pay as much as you can

  • Keep your borrowing below the maximum

  • Don’t apply for several credit cards at one time

  • Manage your credit wisely and you will improve your score


Periodically pull a credit report on yourself.  It will show you what your credit score is.  Review it carefully.  If it is not as high as you expect, determine why.  Is the information on the report accurate?  Maybe someone is using your credit or there is a problem with the information—you must correct it to boost your score.  If it’s lower than a previous report you need to find out why.  Here’s another Website to give you more information on credit reports: