How To Make A Deposit

Deposits are a good thing.  That is when you are putting money into the bank.  You can put either cash or checks into the bank.  Either way, you must fill out a deposit slip.

If you deposit a check (assuming it is made out to you), and you want to deposit it, turn the check over and you will see an "Endorse Here" section.  Sign your name.  On the next line put the words "For Deposit Only", and then on the third line put your account number.

When you first receive your checks you will also receive either separate deposit slips, or it will included at the back of your checkbook.  Generic Deposit slips are also available at your bank and at the bank’s ATM machine.  At the ATM machine envelopes are provided to make your deposit (include your endorsed checks and a deposit slip).  If you don’t have your slip and are using the bank’s generic deposit slip you must fill in your account number and name.

  • Date:  First line on the left. Note: deposits may not be available for immediate withdrawal.  Banks need to clear checks first, unless you presently have sufficient funds to cover that amount.
  • *Sign Here for Cash Received if Required:  If you would like cash back (under date line).
  • Cash:  The first line on the upper right would be the total amount of “Cash”, if you’re depositing coins or dollar bills.
  • Checks:  The second line down on the right and on the back would be for your checks.  On the line to the left put in the check number.  Then put in the dollar and cents amount.  If you have hit the jackpot and need more room to enter checks, use the back.
  • Subtotal:  Line for the total amount of checks and cash you are depositing.
  • *Less Cash Received:  Put in the amount you want to withdraw, if any.
  • $:  This is the bottom line with the dollar sign for the total amount you are depositing.  In most cases, since you’ll be making deposits separately from withdrawing cash, this will be the same as your subtotal line.