A resume tells the world about YOU.  It includes things like: job experience, education, awards, and activities.  This is needed not only for jobs (paid or unpaid) but often for college.  Even as a teen, you have accomplished a lot, and potential employers even colleges, want to know.

First create a running list that includes everything, a permanent record of what you’ve achieved (sometimes we forget the great things we’ve done).  Make sure you include the name, address, phone number and contact person, if that applies.  Always include the dates (month and year) you participated in an activity.  Every time you achieve something, put it down on the list.  This is only a list, a memo, not the resume.  You use the list to create a resume.  In some cases you might have more than one resume, based on the type of job you are applying for.  If you are applying to work in an office, the resume might highlight your computer skills.  But if you are applying to a camp, your outdoor skills or sports skills might be more important and you will want to call attention to those skills.