Volunteering is a great way for a teen to gain experience and just as important to help others.  Sometimes volunteer jobs can lead to a paid job (see  Paid Jobs) either at the place where you volunteered, or by networking with the people you meet.  Experiences acquired as a volunteer can be added to your resume to help get another job.



Volunteering is also a great way to give back to the community you live in.  Volunteer opportunities vary from a one time job, such as helping clean up a park, to a few hours of tutoring kids during the school year, or to an entire summer working with in a local recreational program.  Also, in general, there are fewer age restrictions when it comes to volunteer work.  They need your help and will find a position for you.  There are huge hosts of organizations that need your help.  Community organizations, schools….yours or possibly a neighboring community, Senior Citizen, Youth Groups, Food Pantry, Theaters, Religious Organizations, Parks Departments, the list is endless.  Everyone loves an extra set of hands!   Check out this website for some ideas:

Volunteering provides a way for you to explore potential careers.  If you want, say, to go into veterinary medicine, volunteer at a local animal shelter or veterinary clinic.  The possibilities are endless.  Volunteering both adds experience to your resume, and colleges love to see teens become involved and committed to an organization over an extended period of time.   And you get to feel good too!