Job Ages, Wages & Rules


Important Job Tips

The National Consumer League has published the following tips which you should follow when you look for a job:
  • Ask Questions
    To protect young workers like you, State and Federal laws limit the hours you can work and the kinds of work you can do.  For State and Federal child labor laws, visit Youth Rules.
  • Play it Safe
    Always follow safety training.  Working safely and carefully may slow you down, but ignoring safe work procedures is a fast track to injury.  There are hazards in every workplace — recognizing and dealing with them correctly may save your life.
  • Ask Even More Questions
    Ask for workplace training—like how to deal with irate/upset customers or how to perform a new task or use a new machine.  Tell your supervisor, parent, or other adult if you feel threatened, harassed, or endangered at work.
  • Make Sure the Job Fits
    If you can only work certain days or hours, if you don't want to work alone, or if there are certain tasks you don't want to perform, make sure your employer understands and agrees before you accept the job.
  • Don't Flirt with Danger
    Be aware of your environment at all times.  It's easy to get careless after a while when your tasks have become routine.  But remember, you're not indestructible. Injuries often occur when employees are careless or having fun. 
  • Trust Your Instincts
    Following directions and having respect for supervisors are keys to building a great work ethic.  However, if someone asks you to do something that feels unsafe or makes you uncomfortable, don't do it.  Many young workers are injured—or worse—doing unsafe work that their boss asked them to do.